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FTPSearch is java-written fully functional ftp indexing engine that allows you to garther information from many ftp's and store them in local place in database.

Main FTPSearch features are:

  • 100% pure java code - can be runned under Linux,FreeBSD,Windows, etc...
  • Data stored in DBMS (currently - PostgreSQL, MySQL) and can be extracted with any client available to connect them...
  • You can configure many parameters for each ftp (rescan time, number of tries, etc...)
  • Ftps are scanned in parallel mode

Things to do in nearest future:

  • Proxy support
  • Extended log system

Things to do permanently: bug fixing and speed improvement. :-) FTPSearch is on alfa stage of development so we need much more testing for release a stable version. You can always help me by your suggestions. Use public forums.

Made by Dmitry Krasnikov