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2001-10-09 Version 0.4.1

  • Tested and fixed many bug within HTTP_Proxy client
  • New database format to improve speed of search
  • New logging mechanism to keep compartibility with jdk1.1.8 for FreeBSD
  • Many bugs have been fixed


2001-05-02 Version 0.3.2a

  • Added Socks proxy support
  • Added HTTP proxy support
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added multithreading flow within ftp indexing
  • Added CRC32 support to avoid indexing of cycled ftp links.
  • Added alfa version of jaft - search part.
  • Added logging system.
  • Added command-line mechanism.


2001-05-02 Version 0.2.1a

  • Removed bug with indexing URLs containing spaces.
  • Created some additional indexes in Postgre and Mysql to make server-side work faster.
  • Added wait_time parameter to config to improve ftp unavailability detection.


2001-05-02 Version 0.2a

  • Removed bug with URL duplicate insertion.
  • Improved indexing alorithm to avoid timeout error on some big ftp's directories.

2001-04-28 First Version released.

Here it comes... Directly from my repository to SourceForge's storage and public. Main features can be founded at About page. For setting up refer the documentation part.


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